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aroma care Rose

Price: £9.45
List Price: £13.50
Discount: £4.05 (30.00%)

Aroma care Roses 

An age defying roller application that​ gently protects and hydrates your face, reinvigorating the skin around your eyes creating a more youthful appearance, with a delightful rose fragrance that naturally aids relaxation.

Effective results are achieved with daily, quick and easy application to the skin around the eyes, forehead, lips and also pulse points. 


For external use only.

Do not apply in the case of allergy to essential oils.


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Aroma care Roses age defying roller​ application gently protects and hydrates, reinvigorating your facial skin for a more youthful appearance, especially effective for the delicate skin on the side of the eyes and lips.

The authentic pure rose fragrance naturally enhances relaxation.

Application of the roll-on is quick and easy;


- To your face with light circular motions into any wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and lip areas. 

- Applied on pulse points (chest, neck and wrists) 


In each of the above, once applied best results are achieved with a gentle massage motion. 


Packaging: 5ml Bottle with roll on applicator 



For external use only.

Do not apply in case of allergy to essential oils.


Spring skin care

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