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Melissa Acne Corrector

Price: £19.50
List Price: £29.50
Discount: £10.00 (33.90%)


Melissa Acne Corrector is a pure organic product that with application immediately enhances the skins healing processes, soothing immature, oily, irritated and sore skin types.


The effective natural anti-inflammatory properties combine with the powerful antibactericidal and bacteriostatic effects to provide


Effortless application

Quick acting formula

Intensly effective results

Gently cleanses skin

Skin apperance and complexion restored

Natural antibacterial, anti-viral & anti microbic ingredients

Packaging: a drop applicator equipped 5 ml flask

Rating: Rating: 08
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Anti-inflammatory properties are exhibited by Melissa Acne treatment​, as well as the combination of powerful bactericidic and bacteriostatic effects.


Melissa Acne Corrector enhances healing processes and soothes irritated skin.


Application is effortless onto cleansed skin, directly to the problematic zone, 3-4 times a day until the process fades completely.


Melissa is a complex of natural lipids that improve the barrier properties of cell membranes and the skin as a whole.




Melissa – exhibits antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbic properties; as a form of aromatherapy, it also has a pronounced anti-depressant effect;

Marigold Extract – exhibits anti-inflammatory, epithelial-promoting and healing properties;

St. John’s Wort – exhibits anti-inflammatory, bactericidic and healing properties;

Lavender – heals cells and stimulates their recovery; it is a natural antiseptic and anti-depressant;

Yarrow – exhibits anti-allergic and healing properties;


Packaging: a drop applicator equipped 5 ml flask

by Georgina M, 27 Feb 2018

Really good, It was gentle enough to use and worked well with Clary Sage floral water. No adverse reaction +

Spring skin care

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