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Linden bio skin thermal water

Linden thermal water bio skin - Natural and Deluxe 


Day and night application that restores natural balance and tone to skin, intensively rehydrates and maintains the moisture within.


Post application Linden theraml water evaporates leaving a thin, invisible layer of mineral film formed on the skin, emitting the authentic fragrance of linden blossoms that refreshes and relaxes the skin.


  • Noticeably counteracts the effects of ageing
  • Promotes luxurious resilience
  • Actively rehydrates
  • Maintains moisture levels
  • Instills smoothness
  • Emits radiance
  • Creates a vibrant and more youthful appearance


​​Close your eyes and sprinkle Linden bio skin thermal water on your face, body or hair. This delicately sweet and elegant touch normalises the sensitivity of skin.

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