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Detox nourishing body skin care

Body maintenace detox skin care - 100% bio everyday care


Rhodopa organic oil provides an invisible layer of protection that activates micro-circulation and promotes the skins metabolism. Its natural components are easily absorbed and leave skin feeling elegantly soft and smooth.


This highly effective blend of organic ingredients restores the natural softness and smoothness of the skin and assists with lymphatic drainage by removing toxic substances from within. The benefits are deeply moisturised skin with significantly enhanced elasticity.


With authentic natural scent from red berries of Juniperus oxycedrus - woody, but with an unexpectedly soft balsamic freshness. 



Rhodope - the name of the mountain along whose slopes and ridges where the red juniper berries are gathered. Herodotus spoke of a tale about


Rhodopis - a beautiful Thracian slave for whose freedom the infatuated brother of Sappfo, (the lyric poet), paid an enormous ransom.


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    Nourishing body oil - Rhodopa
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