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Ecomaat facial skincare with rare fragrances and valuable benefits, natural & deluxe includes... 

  • Rejuventating Rose (Bulgarian Rose Damascena),
  • Softening Lilac,
  • Moisturising Linden,
  • Protecting Zdravetz (Bulgarian Geranium),
  • Combination skin Pirina facial balm,
  • Dry skin Irris facial balm,
  • Dehydrated skin Maxima (White Rosa Alba) facial balm
  • Detox nurturing Rhodopa body skincare oil. 

Natural and Deluxe Bio Skin and aroma care are exclusive cosmetic lines featuring active bio-products for skin care of the face, body, and nails. Daily application is effortless and rapidly establishes visible, tangible results that enable you to maintain healthy vibrant skin, combat the effects of ageing, to looking and feeling great every day.  

The potency and benefits of these sensitive and precious ingredients (which are commonly lost or are heavily adulterated in many skincare products) are extracted at low temperatures via cutting edge technology called "Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction." The results are highly authentic natural fragrances being captured in a truly clean state, with absolutely no trace of damaging toxic solvents, heavy metals or pesticides. 

Supercritical CO2 extracts of plants, petals, leaves and fruits exhibit substantial

  • anti-oxidant 
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-allergic
  • immuno-stimulating properties

These properties are due to the potent bioactivity of the complexes of terpenes, carotenoids, flavonoids, phytosterols, tocopherols, fatty acids and resinous substances contained within each unique skincare.

Because the real luxury.... is nature in its purest state.

*bio-certified ingredients **bio-certified CO2 extracts ***natural compounds in essential oils and CO2 extracts

Simply organic antiage skincare ideal for dry, sensitive, dehydatred and combination skin types. 

Benefits include intense hydration, protection and long term anti wrinkle results.  

Anti-age Facial Bio Balms (6)

Body maintenance detox skincare - 100% organic USDA certified daily care

Rhodopa bio oil provides an invisible layer of protection that activates micro-circulation and promotes the skins metabolism. Its natural components are easily absorbed and leave skin feeling elegantly soft and smooth.

A highly effective blend of organic ingredients restores the natural softness and smoothness of the skin and assists with lymphatic drainage by removing toxic substances from within. The benefits are deeply moisturised skin with significantly enhanced elasticity.

With authentic natural scent from red berries of Juniperus Oxycedrus - woody, but with an unexpectedly soft balsamic freshness. 

Application: Used daily, gently massage onto clean skin until completely absorbed, used regularly restores natural softness.

Application: Apply to cleansed skin, with a gentle rubbing motion slowly massage into skin to ensure complete absorption to the skins outer layers. To restore skins natural softness and smoothness, use daily.

Rhodope - the name of the mountain along whose slopes and ridges where the red juniper berries are gathered. Herodotus spoke of a tale about Rhodopis - a beautiful Thracian slave for whose freedom the infatuated brother of Sappfo, (the lyric poet), paid an enormous ransom.

Nourishing body detox oil (2)

Natural and deluxe Bio Skin are day and night products that support the natural balance of facial, neck and decollete skin that are packed with high-quality potent natural extracts produced via the greenest technology, supercritical CO2 extraction, a low temperature process. Liquid carbon dioxide extraction a completely unique process that does not use and therefore guarantees absolutely, no trace of toxic solvents, heavy metals or pesticides unlike many more commonly utlised processes. 

The absolute purity of their individual fragrance embraces your face, neck and decollete, leaving a delicate harmonizing film invisibly covering your skin.

Rosa Damascena, Lilac, Linden, Zdravtez, Iris, Rose Alba....many different plants with many different properties and benefits combined to create skincare with delicous aromas, highly desireable skin tones and brightened youthful complexions. 

Authentic aromas bring new sensations to your lifestyle and promote a sense of luxury and enjoyment, organic beauty care at its pinnicle... Natural & Deluxe

USDA NOP certified 100% organic products


Face Neck & Decollete (16)

The aroma care range of Rose, Lavender and Sensual cuticle care products soften the cuticles around the nails surface, they gently hydrate and protect the nail whilst simultaneously nourishing the nail bed. The natural essential oil fragrances enhance relaxation.

The products are applied along the cuticle line around the nail, and worked in with a caressing massage. Then when the cuticles are gently pushed aside, any remaining traces of the product must be cleaned before application of nail polish. When the polish is completely dry a second layer can be applied.

The daily practice of applying aroma care nailcare product into cleaned and prepared skin softens the cuticle establishing beautifully tender and flexible appearence.

Cuticle care (4)

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