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Ecomaat Organic Farms


Organic and natural certified Bulgarian rose oil and extract skin cosmetics.


Products stimulate skin at cellular level, aiding skins protective barriers, they can easily be used with make up.



Ecomaat luxurious vegan friendly and cruelty free organic skin care cosmetics are certified organic products USDA NOP & EU 834 / 2005.



Exclusive low temperature CO2 extracts…. naturally effective... enjoyably pure… unrivalled aromas...



Our Featured Products


By working in harmony with your body and skin Ecomaat natural cosmetics enhance cell activity and regenerative processes. Ecomaat organic skin toners, essential oils and exclusive cosmetics offer a truly natural effective alternative for skin care.



La Vie en rose, unique "beauty from within” Bulgarian Rose drops, Rose capsules, Rose tea and Rose kombucha offer enhanced skin care with myriad benefits attributed to pure organic Bulgarian Rose oil.



Ethically cultivated, vegan friendly, hand picked fresh organic flowers and natural plants are processed in our on-site laboratory to create the purest natural organic oils and CO2 extracts. 



At Oildeology you will find some of natures most powerful anti-age ingredients that are formulated and cold blended by our expert technicians to create organically pure cosmetics with active natural fragrances.



Ecomaat cosmetic products are produced on secluded organic family farms, processed in our dedicated onsite distillery and laboratory. 




Our "fully closed cycle" production process guarantees consistency in each and every bottle!



USDA NOP and EU 834/2005 certified organic