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Make up remover - organic bi-phase skin cleanser - Heber

Suitable for: All skin types


Organic Heber has been created to offer gentle yet highly effective make-up removal a sensual treat for daily cleansing.


Bi-phase make up remover with organic extracts from fresh Lavandula angustifolia flowers. Alcohol free - Heber is naturally perfect for facial cleansing, especially delicate areas surrounding the eyes.



  • To activate shake well before use to ensure both oil and water elements are blended
  • Use a small quantity on cotton swab / pad gently remove makeup from face, eyes and lips


USDA NOP certified 100% organic


There are no parabens, SLS or SLES in these 100% organic bio active farmed products.


Baby skin care oil organic Rose

Organic Rose - baby and child skin care oil


100% bio organic baby massage oil combining Argan and Jojoba oils, with extracts from exquisite blossoms of Rosa damascena and Rose Hip produced through supercritical co2 extraction to collect their valuable and pure ingredients. 


Organic Rose Dodo oil conveys lipids from within the plant oils to maintain healthy nurtured skin, to keep your baby and chils skin tenderly protected and hydrated without inhibiting the skins respiration process. The authentic aromas naturally increase relaxation and confidence of the paternal contact of Mum and Dad and leave your little one with silky soft skin and glowing complexion.


White Rose organic perfume - Antique

Organic White Rose alba perfume


Antique, offers the sublimely unique and authentic fragrance of the white rose, Rosa Alba. This mysterious fragrance is fresh and clean, offering an invisible charm of innocence and humility with intoxicating beauty and tenderness. Just one single application to pulse points releases aromatic molecules that act as a catalyst for vital energy, balance and healing.


When applied, inhalation of molecules this exquisite perfume reduces the impact and effect of stress and actively supports strengthening of the skin. 


Classic Damask and citrus with an even tangerine tone... This is not a just a perfume, this is aromatherapy care for yourself, for your body, emotions and health.


Baby skin care oil organic Chamomile

Organic Chamomile baby oil - DoDo series


Created for skin care, massage oil and bath oil for your littles ones as it conveys lipids derived from the plant oils that provide the most gentle, caressing care for their tender skin.


A delightfully developed 100% Bio organic composition that imparts the natural properties from the combined plant oils to create an invisible protective film with a soothing Chamomile fragance.


Femina face & body oil 8 x 10ml

Femina is an indulgently luxurious aromatherapeutic blend based around its key active ingredient, the queen of flowers, the Bulgarian Rose (Rosa damascena) triggers an abundance of relaxing sensations and ensures skin feels and looks smooth, fresh and hydrated.


Assists treatments targeting the regeneration and maintenance of problematic skin, shaping and eliminating unwanted cellulite. It is also an excellent choice for daily aromatherapeutic skin care with active “acne-correcting” properties.


Commonly utilised as a treatment against stress, insomnia and anxiety, has powerful effects when used as an anti-ageing prophylactic agent.


Suitable for: Ideal for over 30's, all skin type - particularly problematic skin including scar tissue and stretch marks.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic


Lavender- Relaxing organic perfume

Lavender pulse point organic perfume


Organic relaxation enhancing application - ideal for when travelling or when wishing to combat fatigue at home or during busy day.


Organic perfume - for relaxation may be applied to pulse points (chest, neck and wrists).


Quick and simple to use and easily carried in handbag or pocket



Oily skin Maat face oil 10 x 5ml

Maat for oily skin is a unique formula of facial skincare with antibacterial and skin oil balancing properties.


Application enhances skin resistance whilst not inhibiting the cell regeneration processes.


  • Lavender – Heals cells, stimulating recovery; a natural antiseptic and anti-depressant
  • Petitgrain – Actively improves the condition of problematic skin; eliminates swelling
  • Patchouli – Exhibits purifying and oiling-control properties


Maat for oily skin imparts an intense toning and refreshing fragrance and effectively reduces pore sizes.


Suitable for: Problematic and oily skin

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