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Melissa Acne Corrector

Price: £29.50


Melissa Acne Corrector is a pure organic product that with application immediately enhances the skins healing processes, soothing immature, oily, irritated and sore skin.


The effective natural anti-inflammatory properties combine with the powerful anti-bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects to provide:

  • Simple, easy and quick application
  • Quick acting formula
  • Intensely effective results
  • Gently cleanses skin
  • Skin appearance and complexion restored
  • Natural antibacterial, anti-viral & anti microbic ingredients

Combine with organic floral water to cleanse skin without drying.


Packaging: a drop applicator equipped 5 ml flask


Ingredients: Melissa Officinalis

Rating: Rating: 08
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Offering anti-inflammatory properties Melissa Acne treatment as well as a powerful bacteriacidic and bacteriostatic effects.


Melissa Acne Corrector enhances healing processes and soothes irritated skin.


Application is effortless onto cleansed skin, directly to the problematic zone, 3-4 times a day until the process fades completely.


Melissa is a complex of natural lipids that improve the barrier properties of cell membranes and the skin as a whole.




Melissa – exhibits antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbic properties; as a form of aromatherapy, it also has a pronounced anti-depressant effect;

Marigold extract – exhibits anti-inflammatory, epithelial-promoting and healing properties;

St. John’s Wort – exhibits anti-inflammatory, bacteriacidic and healing properties;

Lavender – heals cells and stimulates their recovery; it is a natural antiseptic and anti-depressant;

Yarrow – exhibits anti-allergic and healing properties;


Packaging: 5 ml flask equipped with drop applicator

by Georgina M, 27 Feb 2018

Really good, It was gentle enough to use and worked well with Clary Sage floral water. No adverse reaction +


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