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Welcome to Oildeology.... Ecomaat UK


..and welcome to Nature's very own real luxury range of natural and organic aromatherapy applications, spa products, pure essential oils, rose supplements and unique face and body oils, skin care and cosmetic products by Ecomaat, Bulgaria. Named from the Egyptian godess "Ma'at" who symbolised balance amongst other quaites, and combined with "Eco", in recognition of it's truely organic approach, Ecomaat offer a unique authentic alternative to the mass produced chemically created skincare world of today.


Each of our exclusive products are 100% environmentally-friendly, ethically produced and certified organic products from within the EU. The ingredients used in our products are grown at altitude in Ecomaat's gardens and wild fields amongst the protective enclave of the Balkan mountains without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. The flowers are simply handpicked in a time honoured tradition that begins before sunrise to capure the very best essence of the Rose. Our extraction process is at the very forefront of technology, with a research and development programme specifically designed to protect the delicate natural fragrances and many asscociated health benefits of the  Bulgarian Rose. 


Ecomaat specilise in the manufacturing of natural aromatic products and active ingredients for application in cosmetic and perfumery, medicine, aromatherapy, pharmacy, fragrance and flavouring industries. Whole product range of essential oils and Co2 extracts is certified organic (bio) by Lacon GmbH. In general, the raw materials used for processing are oil-bearing crops produced by application of contemporary and modern practices within the strict requirements to conduct organic farming. The organic part of the processed plant materials originate from collection of wild grown herbs and medicinal plants of the alpine and ecological environment areas in Bulgaria.


Headquartered out of Westminster, London UK, we operate globally as a boutique dedicated to specialising in the highest quality of retail and the supply of pure and natural oils, essential oils, professional and home-use cosmetic products, aromatherapy applications, supercritical carbon dioxide (Co2) extracts, food supplements and luxurious skin care. 


We continue to invest effort and time sourcing and providing 100% organic, environmentally friendly products of only the very highest quality. Through our endevours we trust our customers will enjoy the benefits of our hard work, safe in the knowledge that whilst they are being kind and caring to their wellbeing, they are also truely being kind and repectful to nature... 


Ecomaat practise organic agriculture as defined by IFOAM and with the sound belief that organic farming is the foundation of sustainable development and should be the sole prerequisite to ensure the benefit for future generations. As part of their corporate vision and strategy for development, certain basic principles of conventional agriculture have been adopted, and it is through these agricultural activies that the creation, maintenance and processing of essential oil bearing crops and their daily work, they are guided by activities that:


  • Preserve the fertility of the earth and its organic activity to nourish plants

  • Refrain from actions polluting soil and the environment

  • Do not use genetically modified products and ionizing impacts

  • Committed to ongoing research, development and implementation of green technologies

  • Be equitable and fair to all employees  


For the cultivation of oil-bearing plants, only the use of certified seeds from the best Bulgarian varieties are planted, with the plantations sited in proven ecologically clean areas. The use of fertilisers and chemicals for plant protection has been replaced by products permitted for organic farming, which are agreed in advance and confirmed by representatives of the relevent certifying bodies. 


Traceabilty is available for every level of the production cycle, from planting, through processing, storage and finally distribution. All raw plant materials for authentic bio certified essential oils and extracts are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMO's.   


Rose essential oil is often called Rose otto or Rose attar, the real and only true rose oil, is non-dilluted and non-adulterated that is immediately recognised by the professional, inexperienced admirers of Rose oil maybe be easily mislead. Considered to be the queen of the aroma world and because it is one of the most expensive essential oils, Rose oil is frequently falsified, immitated or dilluted by unscrupulous traders.


The typical composition of Bulgarian Rose oil has more than 350 identified compounds, the part considered to be most important and described in quality certificates is actually the chemical composition of Rose oil as defined in Bulgarian National Standard БДС ISO 9842:2006 where the limits of the main ingredients and chemical and physical properties are listed. The Quality certificate or Certificate of Analysis (CoA) are prepared and issued by accredited laboratories. GC/MS (Gas Chromatographic/Mass Spectrometric) equipment is used for determination of the characteristics of the Rose oil. In Bulgaria one of the most reliable and acknowledged laboratory is The State Laboratory Bulgarska Rosa Ltd.


Here are our recommendations when purchasing Rose oil and some ways to distinguish the original from imitation:

1. Always ask for copy of the CoA (Certificate of Analysis).

2. Genuine Rose oil, 100% natural, has a pale yellow to yellow coloured liquid appearance.

3. Pure Rose oil "freezes" at room temperature - below 22 degrees celsius (app. 295 kelvin or app. 71 deg. Fahrenheit) beautiful crystals appear and it changes the state from liquid to a jelly like mass. To liquefy it, simply warm vial/bottle between palms or if in bulk quantity, liquefaction should be done very gently by water-bath.

4. Like most valuable essential oils, Rose oil should be kept in non transparent glass bottles.

5. If there is a doubt about the quality or the authenticity of the rose oil we recommend that you consult a trained professional for advice.


Products featured on this site are certified organic, dedicated for skin care, face care and nail care, each uniquely created to enhance, caress, restore & revitalise specifically for each area and each skin type; for mature skin needing firming to sensitive acne prone skin through to the nourishment of the softest delicate baby skin.


All our products are produced through ecologically responsible cultivation and development, and can therefore be considered complimentary to Vegan and Vegetarian diets and are certified for their organic credentials in accordance of the stipulations and requirements of the European Union and United States of America.



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