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Ecomaat - Organic Luxury Skincare & Spa products

Spa Maat Products are an exclusive niche spa brand that represents a whole new approach in ethical, luxury organic spa experience.

The entire Ecomaat Bulgaria product range are a unique combination of:

  • Pure organic certified ingredients
  • Ancient traditions and knowledge
  • Innovative modern day technologies
  • Ethical and sustainable processes

Each of these deluxe compositions and oils represent first class aroma-therapeutical products and treatments that exhibit exceptional inner and outer body benefits - from individual application or as part of a more comprehensive application.

A family founded organisation, Ecomaat Bulgaria have long established markets throughout Japan, China, Russia, Far East and the world over. It is these highly discerning and knowledgeable customers who reaffirm our belief that extraordinary long term results of the highest level can be achieved through applying natural and ethical integrity.

By hand picking Oildeology as your spa partner you have at your disposal:

  • A high-performance facial and body care product range with innovative applications and dedication to creating new additions.
  • Remarkable results-focused treatments – including bespoke signature therapies – created to engage customers, reaffirm loyalty and encourage lifestyle habit.
  • Specialised training that enhances industry specific knowledge helping increase productivity.
  • Complimentary comprehensive opening treatment training to your full team prior to launch.
  • A complementary organic retail range that will assist all customer consulted skincare programmes, that can be naturally recommended by therapist from treatment room to continue a spa at home experience…and in-between the scheduled procedures.
  • Unique nutritional supplements in liquid form, a refreshing welcome drink or at home body care that further complements Spa Maat Product treatments.
  • Exclusive invitation to witness and take part in the magical Rose harvest experience, visit the production plant and meet the Ecomaat team
  • Committed account management support.
  • Opportunity to feedback to Ecomaat to R&D, for spa experience in the future. 

Spa Maat products are clean and modern yet infused with a sense of purity, authenticity and natural energy. The complete range is 100% free of chemicals, synthetic substances, mineral oil silicon or preservatives – absolutely every ingredient comes from organic sustainable cultivation processes – ensuring Ecomaat products are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types and respect vegetarian and vegan values.

Through the use of Ecomaat products we offer the opportunity to attain exacting standards of the very highest order, to benefit from personal training and on-going support for spas and therapists achieving true potential. Our training is purposefully designed, bespoke to the needs of each unique spa, their therapy teams and ultimately to delivering on their valued customers goals and needs.

Ecomaat products are not mass-market and never will be. By their general nature and composition only skilled experts can recognise the critical points during creation and to guarantee the optimal quality and integrity of the oils consistently.

Immediately recognisable for our commitment and ethos , we pride ourselves on creating remarkable results from purely original organic products & treatments. Providing premium standards that can only be achieved from truly natural and ethical integrity.

Simply beauty by nature with absolutely no-compromise on skin and body care with the ability to refresh, rejuvenate and revive.

For further information on partnering with Ecomaat, please contact us:

T:     + 44 (0) 207 630 5177