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Mar 17 Rose field preparation and planting begins for the 2017 campaign! Advance orders for Organic Rose oil reach new historic levels.

Jan 1st Happy new Year from us all!

Oct 2016 - Organic Bulgarian rose oil (PGI) prices rise due to increased demand/orders significantly exceeding 2016 harvest.  

September 2016 Season completes with harvest and organic seeds and organic material preserved for the next campaign!  

9th August 2016

Organic Melissa harvesting begins at Ecomaat - 24hour processing to produce first class oils untainted unadulterated - simply pure active qualities USDA certified. 

100% Organic Rose floral water the benefits

Lavender harvest begins in Mirkovo 

Ecomaat 2016 Rose damsascena harvest completes 3 weeks after the rose festivals from  Bulgaria's Rose valley.     

Oildeology Ecomaat Summer promotion!! 

A report from US Journal of Global Fashion Marketing: Bridging Fashion and Marketing analysed the level of deception in cosmetics advertising claims and found the majority to be either false or unsubstantiated and therefore potentially deceptive to consumers.

The report, titled Deception in cosmetics advertising: Examining cosmetics advertising claims in fashion magazine ads, studied close to 300 full-page ads in magazines including Vogue and Glamour for make-up, skin and body care products among others. People judging the research then categorised all the claims into four groups – ‘outright lie’, ‘omission’ (meaning the claim fails to include important information needed to evaluate its truthfulness), ‘vague’ (containing a phrase too broad to have a clear meaning) and ‘acceptable’. Perhaps unsurprisingly to some, 621 of the 757 claims were deemed either a lie, omission or vague, and just 136 were acceptable to judges.

Some of the often-unsubstantiated claims highlighted range from the common, such as ‘dermatologically tested’ and ‘natural’ to the slightly more far-fetched, like ‘beautifies’ and ‘soothes the senses’.

Particular concern was given to cosmeceutical products, or those that are defined as having both aesthetic and medicinal properties. Though the authors say that though consumers often treat these with extra scrutiny, the category is unregulated and somewhat of a grey area in terms of the related claims that are made around it, things like ‘backed by science’ and ‘clinically proven’. The authors said: “There is usually no substantiation of these claims, and those who back the claims with scientific evidence and consumer testing often use questionable methodologies for their substantiation.”

Rather than try to warn consumers, the authors of the research know that many beauty shoppers are already well aware of the minefield that is sorting through the claims and promises sold by cosmetics advertising, and are actually more likely to be defensive and avoid these products as a result. They explained: “We might argue that consumers (at least as represented by our judges) are already sceptical of such claims and are likely to designate claims like these as lies, omitting important information and/or presenting vague claims. As such, our findings are consistent with past research on ‘defensive consumers’.

The research concludes that it is in the advertiser’s best interest to give consumers clarity and evidence to support a product’s claims. When it comes to scientific claims, “The concrete evidence of ingredients, the scientific research processes used and lab results should be provided in laymen’s terminology,” advised the authors

July 22, 2015, Lavender harvest Bulgaria, 24 hour operation begins, Premium Organic Floral water and Essential oil   
8th July Bulgarian Rose oil perfume, Antique by Ecomaat 
3rd July 2015 La Vie en Rose drops, Capsules and NEW Tonic
2015 Bulgaria Rose Valley harvest news.
Pure Rose otto oil by Ecomaat Bulgaria 2015 
11 June

8 June
7 June
16 May
16 April 
A key component for many of our popular products is the highly prized organic Bulgarian Rose oil and Rose oil CO2 extract (Damascena and Alba) which are extensively used by the world famous perfume houses, but whose truely magical wellbeing and nurturing qualities still remain an unknown secret to many.
Essential skincare savings for total summer protection - intensely luxurious skincare range, effective non greasy UV, skin hydration and aftersun care for adults and children - each individually certified 100% organic and derived from purely bio active, ethically responsible farming.
The secrets of antiage skincare available in exclusive products and treatments for face, neck, decollete, body, hands and nails that create the appearence of sublime skin and defy the effects of time ~ La Vie en Rose ~ supplements for inner beauty as well as a perfectly soft complexion. 
Skin oils and applications ideal for combating the ravages and effects of cold and wet weather - dry sore skin, eliminates fine wrinkles, brightens dull complexion, refining texture and leaves pores tightened, not to mention dramatically less visible dark circles, spots and skin redness.
Application of all Ecomaat Bulgaria organic products is effortless with each individual oil and secret formulation imparting highly desirable, intensely effective, professional spa quality results that have been created specifically for each and every skin type and skin condition. 
Oildeology products successfully help in combating and addressing the effects and signs of premature ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet & cellulite - leaving you with youthful, illuminated, sculped and thoroughly rejuvented appearance.
Treat for the special one in your life with the gift of potent beauty and intense skincare of Rose - moisturise, hydrate and reinvigorate, give the special treatment and rewards  deserves!
Maintain a youthful complexion and improve your skin condition with organic, natural face and bodycare oils from Ecomaat with winter  offers, savings and discounts,  
Zdravetz, (geranium) the perfect natural aftershave for men
The essence of flowers, Bio Skin... Naturally deluxe skincare...
Beauty by nature.... from Ecomaat Bulgaia
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