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Skin & massage care

Maat, based on the principles of the Egyptian godess Ma'at

Balance, Honesty and Purity

Organic cold blended valuable plant oils that nourish and moisturise skin. Ecomaat aromatherapeutical cold blended oils retain the quality and properties of the plant material, unlike when heat or solvents are used for extraction (e.g. distillation), thus Spa Maat oils offer authentic aromas and highlly potent effects that work for hours after application (bio active resonance).  


The active ingredients of essential oils offer antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-cellulite actions, they actively bind free radicals in cells, thus improving the bodies protective barriers and slowing the aging process by futher providing:


  • Softening, regeneration and enhancement of skin elasticity
  • Active anti-cellulite actions 
  • Stimulation of metabolism process within tissue
  • Improving blood circulation and immunity 
  • Efficiency of lymph drainage, normalise tone of peripheral vessels
  • Bio-active resonance - effects continue hours after completing application
  • ​Balancing the body's processes: physiological and emotional​


EU 834/2007 & USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Suitable for: All skin types


Maat cold blended oils are composed around the legendary organic Bulgarian Rose damascena oil to create an intense and unique facial aromatherapeutic cold blended oil that imparts magical properties that include; 

  • Anti-ageing

  • Hydrating

  • Recuperating

  • Stimulating


Maat effectively reduces skin pore size, gently disolves skin scarring improving skin surface and actively heals inflammations.


Maat offers fabulous aromatherapeutic care for face and the face line, the result is youthful radiant, velvet-soft skin


USDA NOP 100% organic

Maat - facial (2)

Suitable for: Sensitive and dry skin, recommended as a treatment for rosacea and cuperose skin


Cold blended oil aromacomposition that rehydrates and recuperates skins epithelial layer, relaxes face muscles, soothes irritated skin and relieves discomfort across the whole body.


Maat for dry skin has a rich azulene content which is responsible for healing inflammations and enhancing the protective properties of the skin.


USDA NOP 100% organic

Maat dry skin face and body (2)

Suitable for: Problematic skin apply across the whole body


Organic cold blended face and body aromacomposition with antibacterial and skin oil balancing properties, Maat for oily skin enhances skin resistance without effecting the natural regeneration processes of skin.


Maat for oily skin has a toning and refreshing fragrance. Its application helps reduce pore size, exhibiting purifying and oil regulating properties and draining of excess fliuds from tissue.


USDA NOP 100% organic

Maat oily skin face & body (2)

Suitable for: All skin types, anti cellulite


Aromatherapeutic cold blended oil combining the power of organic essential oils that revive and restore cellular energy, its fragrence is stimulating and energising.


Energy is an excellent way to refresh skin as it quickly restores glowing and illuminated appearance of skin. It improves cellular metabolism and exhibits pronounced anti-cellulite properties. 

USDA NOP 100% organic

Energy (2)

Suitable for: All skin types especially problematic skin


Luxury aromatherpeutic cold blended oil offering profound relaxing sensations and resulting in smooth, hydrated skin.


Femina effectively prevents wrinkle and striae formation, as well as capillary cracking.


With anti-inflamitory, bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties, Femina is ideal for regeneration and maintanence of problematic skin.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Femina (2)

Suitable for: Ladies and men


Organic aromatherapeutic cold blended oil that heightens emotional comfort, a unisex product with skin hydrating and toning effects.


Joy exhibits anti-inflamitory and immunity-enhancing properties. and offers protection against the sun via natural protective filter.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Joy (2)

Suitable for: All skin types, particularly sensitive skin


Organic aromatherapeutic cold blended oil combining natural fresh fragrances that relax the mind and body relieving stress at the end of the day.


Relax is an excellent choice of aromatherapy for the skin, with natural skin:

  • Healing and recuperating
  • Disinfecting
  • Regenerating
  • Mattifying
  • Anti-depressant effect


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Relax (2)

Suitable for: Face and body skin maintenance.


Aromatherapeutic cold blended oil of classic oriental fragrances highly regarded for their balancing and harmonising effects promoting relief and relaxation.


Sensual reduces stress, relieves depression and alleviates anxiety. A cosmetic product that nourishes and revitalises skin, preserving youthful lookand reduces pore size. Sensual enhances skin structure and exhibits noticible hydrating properties.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Sensual (2)

Suitable for: Normal and oily skin


Aromatherapeutic cold blended oil that stimulates the natural mechanisms of the body responsible for the elimination of cellulite and the melting of surplus weight.


It reduces swelling and imparts anti-inflammitory and bactericidal effects to skin. Stimul protects and preserves skin elasticity whilst tightening and toning tissue.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Stimul (2)

Suitable for: Normal and dry skin


Aromatherapeutic cold blended oil with a distinctly unique summer fragrance, an exquisite skin care solution that hydrates and heals the skins epithelial tissue.


Summer gently stimulates blood circulation and filters out toxins.


Can be used as a prophylactic treatment against the formation of cellulite. It protects skin against sun damage via a natural UV filter.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Summer (2)

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Dry skin Maat 10 x 5ml

Spa Maat dry skin; A luxurious blend hydrates and recuperates, as a facial treatment it relaxes face muscles, soothes irritated skin and relieves discomfort.


Body application, Maat dry skin imparts a general strengthening effect, particularly capillaries, soothes and recuperates skin after direct exposure to sun.   


Maat dry skin has rich azulene contents that invigorate and stimulate the healing of inflammations and the enhancement of the protective properties of the skin.


  • Lavender - heals cells and stimulates accelerated recovery, a natural antiseptic and anti-depressant
  • Chamomile - soothes skin and restores softness
  • Milfoil (Achillea millefolium / Yarrow) - exhibits toning properties
  • Marigold extract - improves skin hydration


Suitable for: Sensitive and dry skin, recommended as a treatment for Rosacea and Cuprous skin.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic


Relax face & body oil 8 x 10ml

Relax is an aromatherapeutic cold blend created for the face and body to instil relaxation into the body and relieves stress at the end of the day.


  • Melissa - improves the condition of problematic skin, alleviates muscle tension
  • Petitgrain - smoothens the skin and restores its elasticity; exhibits deodorising properties
  • Lavender - heals cells and stimulates recovery; a natural antiseptic and anti-depressant


An excellent choice of organic aromatherapy for skin imparting disinfecting qualities, Relax offers significant regenerating, skin mattifying effects and protection for skin.


Suitable for: Oily and problematic skin


USDA NOP certified 100% organic


Femina face & body oil 8 x 10ml

Femina is an indulgently luxurious aromatherapeutic blend based around its key active ingredient, the queen of flowers, the Bulgarian Rose (Rosa damascena) triggers an abundance of relaxing sensations and ensures skin feels and looks smooth, fresh and hydrated.


Assists treatments targeting the regeneration and maintenance of problematic skin, shaping and eliminating unwanted cellulite. It is also an excellent choice for daily aromatherapeutic skin care with active “acne-correcting” properties.


Commonly utilised as a treatment against stress, insomnia and anxiety, has powerful effects when used as an anti-ageing prophylactic agent.


Suitable for: Ideal for over 30's, all skin type - particularly problematic skin including scar tissue and stretch marks.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic


Maat 10 x 5ml

Maat is an exclusive 100% organic, anti-aging cold blended oil that is highly desired for its hydrating, recuperating and stimulating properties that includes the "Queen of flowers," the Bulgarian Rose damask oil, in a form that provides intense aromatherapeutic care for the face, neck line and body exhibiting stimulating effects on:


  • Cells
  • Wrinkle and fine line protection
  • Skin brightening


Applied to the face, skin becomes noticeably smoother with pigment and tone evened.


Applied to the Body, Maat exhibits powerful regenerating effects 


  • Nourishing
  • Moisturising
  • Toning


Rose - Restores the youthful looks of skin, preserves its beauty, natural glow and counteracts the influence of stress and effects of passing time. 


Lavender – Proactively heals cells and stimulates their recovery; a natural antiseptic and anti-depressant


Maat enhances skin elasticity, minimises scar tissue & uneven areas, the results are unmistakable, youthful, radiant and velvet-soft skin.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

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