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White Rose organic perfume

Limited edition, organic Rose alba perfume of the purest quality with unique natural rose scent.


Harvested by hand, from high altitude rose gardens treasure laden with ancient white rose, Rosa alba, comes Antique, a perfume of the absolute highest quality with an unmistakable aroma of purity and innocence...


Rose alba has skin toning effects and relaxes stressed skin. Inhilation of its aroma inhibits chronic disturbance to skins protective barriers increasing its turgor and elasticity. 


Simply aroma by nature...


USDA NOP certified 100% organic


White Rose organic perfume - Antique

Organic White Rose alba perfume


Antique, offers the sublimely unique and authentic fragrance of the white rose, Rosa Alba. This mysterious fragrance is fresh and clean, offering an invisible charm of innocence and humility with intoxicating beauty and tenderness. Just one single application to pulse points releases aromatic molecules that act as a catalyst for vital energy, balance and healing.


When applied, inhalation of molecules this exquisite perfume reduces the impact and effect of stress and actively supports strengthening of the skin. 


Classic Damask and citrus with an even tangerine tone... This is not a just a perfume, this is aromatherapy care for yourself, for your body, emotions and health.

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