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Organic ingredients and production


USDA NOP certified organic ingredients, Vegan friendly from ethical production


We only use organic materials and environmentally friendly production techniques, we cultivate organic fully traceable ingredients without the use of chemicals or pesticides.


As a family operation, all production is overseen by our select team of experts who control every aspect of our (closed-cycle-production) process from start to finish (field-to-final-product).


All glass used in the storage of oils and CO2 extracts is UV pharmaceutical grade and packaging from fully recyclable materials. 


You will not find in any of our products:


  • Synthetic colouring, fragrance - Synthetic additives can irritate skin, we only use natural products with their own colours and scents.  


  • Mineral oil - Mineral oil is not used at all as it is derived from petroleum and so not in accordance with our common practice or ethics.  


  • Silicone - Many cosmetics include silicone to create a finish that makes the skin feel smooth after application. It has been discovered that this can block the skin’s pores – which is why we use don’t use silicone at all.  


  • Alcohol - Our distillery processes (e.g. supercritical Co2 extraction) negates the need to use this form of extraction which is responsible for drying skin. 


  • Parabens - Parabens are preservatives used widely used in cosmetics. Available naturally or synthetically, they prevent fungi, bacteria and mould. However, some studies have suggested a link between parabens and cancer.