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White rose alba facial balm

Rosa alba balm for radiant soft skin, face, neck, neckline and delicate skin around the eyes 


Containing the authentic scent of the historically cherished antique Rosa alba (white rose), organically nurtured and cultivated in the gardens of Ecomaat Bulgaria. Maxima imparts the most subtle and gentle rose aroma delicately entwined with fresh citrus tones.


This enticing balm with its luscious texture, prevents skin from drying and beautifully arrests the development of wrinkles and fine lines, also reduces the degeneration of skin cells effectively  restoring flexibility to the skin. The organic ingredients provide natural SPF effective for daily exposure whilst conducting daily activities.


Maxima has been developed to provide overnight care that removes all signs and traces of fatigue. In the morning skin is delightfully refreshed feeling silky smooth. 


The power of the white rose Co2 extract encourages natural renewal of the skin and is powerful enough to help reduce the appearance of pores, age spots and small wrinkles.


In the composition of the aroma of Rosa alba identified aromatic compounds related to the inhibition of melanin production.


Skin will noticeably look and feel smoother…. distinctly rejuvenated.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

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