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Intense skin hydration - Irris thermal water

Suitable for: All skin type, recommended for dry, sensitive skin and freckles 


Irris thermal water Natural & Deluxe, day care aroma water for the face and body.


Irris deeply hydrates skin enabling it to retain moisture for longer. Irris improves skin elasticity, restores smoothness & vitality. Micro-droplets of exquisite Irris aroma immediately relaxes skin. 


Ideal for cold climates in winter seasons where skin is subjected to extreme changes in temperature and moisture levels and dryness results.


Irris germanica roots extracts - highly valued over centuries for its distinct floral aroma - notably woody and slightly spicy notes. 


USDA NOP certified 100% organic


Intense hydration + toning thermal water - Irris

Suitable for: all skin types


Cherished for over 500 years, the aroma of Iris has a proven refreshing effect on both skin and mind.


Containing innovative intense hydrating Iris Co2 organic extracts that soothingly tone and improve skin condition. This relaxing aromatic water imparts a delicious Iris scent that is described as tenacioulsly flowery, heavy and woody. 


Application: Spray 2-3 times over your face keeping eyes closed. Your skin will start looking and feeling as soft and satin smooth.


May be used as a refreshing spritzer through out the day to soothe and vitalise

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