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Face neck & décolleté

The absolute purity of their individual fragrance envolopes your facial, neck and decollete skin, each serum leaving a delicate skin cell harmonising film invisibly embracing your skin.


Rosa damascena ... Lilac ... Linden ... Zdravtez ... Rose alba ...Juniper berry ... Cranberry ... Rose hip and more...


A multitude of organic plant extracts and oils offering myriad properties and benefits combine to create 100% organic skin care. Delicously enjoyable aromas and highly desireable skin enhancing effects that harmonise and stimulate the bodies and skin's processes to naturally regenerate for lasting results.


Natural and Deluxe - created with potent organic extracts produced via green technology (supercritical co2 extraction) at low temperature.


Rosa bio skin - Rejuvenating facial serum skin care organic product


Anti-stress skin care with wonderful rejuvenating effects


  • Promotes the formation of collage
  • Reduces visible wrinkles
  • Reduces elasticity loss from skin
  • Revitalises skin
  • Leaves your skin illuminated and looking radiant


Daily skin care with Rosa bio skin deeply nourishes and rehydrates the skin without hindering cellular or skin respiration.


Natural & Deluxe Rosa bio skin gently tones skin reviving its natural healthy glow whilst alleviating stress and restoring physiological balance.


Rosa, its key ingredients are derived from the exclusive Rosa Damscena which has pronounced regenerating and anti-oxidative properties derived from the carotenoid contents combined with the exquisite highly prized Bulgarian Damask rose fragrance.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Rejuvenating anti-age Rose serum (1)

Lilac bio skin softening gacial serum


Treatment with Lilac bio skin softening care is a morning and evening serum application that leaves skin feeling tender and as smooth as porcelain. Its active extract is taken from the spring blossoms of Lilac that exhibit softening, bactericidal and healing properties, it promotes the strengthening of the lipid structures of the corneous layer, reinforcing its impermeability.


Lilac bio skin softening care for the face, neck and neckline utilises its fine texture to melt into the skin and reveal the efficiency of the illuminating and radiance plant complex - a unique synergy of Lilac and Rose hip extracts that​​


  • Softens skin
  • Energises skin layers
  • Re-hydrates skin layers
  • Reduces scar tissue recover and improves healing
  • Imparts bacteriacidic properties


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Softening anti age Lilac serum (1)

Zdravetz bio skin - Protecting facial serum


Bulgarian geranium, Zdravetz bio skin is a rich anti-oxidant age-defense product that protects and fortifies skin against wrinkles, the loss of elasticity, dryness, cell damage and other consequeses of UV exposure and the damaging and harmful effects of free radicals and peroxide compounds. 


Zdravetz bio skin (Bulgarian Geranium) a skin-vitality enhancer for the face, neck and neckline restores skin elasticity and rejuvinates by boosting it with vitamins and protecting it:


  • Stimulates synthesis of proteins
  • Stimulates synthesis of collagen
  • Anti-wrinkle properties
  • Moisturises dry skin
  • Corrects cell damage


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Antioxidant protecting Zdravetz (Geranium) serum (1)

Suitable for: All skin type, recommended for dry, sensitive skin and freckles 


Irris thermal water Natural & Deluxe, day care aroma water for the face and body.


Irris deeply hydrates skin enabling it to retain moisture for longer. Irris improves skin elasticity, restores smoothness & vitality. Micro-droplets of exquisite Irris aroma immediately relaxes skin. 


Ideal for cold climates in winter seasons where skin is subjected to extreme changes in temperature and moisture levels and dryness results.


Irris germanica roots extracts - highly valued over centuries for its distinct floral aroma - notably woody and slightly spicy notes. 


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Intense skin hydration - Irris thermal water (1)

Suitable for: All skin type


Linden bio skin thermal water - Natural and Deluxe 


A daily application Linden bio skin thermal water restores the natural balance and tone of the skin, intensively rehydrating skin and maintaining the moisture levels within.


Post application Linden evaporates leaving a thin, invisible layer of mineral film formed on the skin, emitting the authentic fragrance of linden blossoms that refreshes and relaxes the skin. 


  • Noticeably counteracts the effects of ageing
  • Promotes luxurious resilience
  • Actively rehydrates
  • Maintains moisture levels
  • Instills smoothness
  • Emits radiance
  • Creates a vibrant and more youthful appearance


​​Close your eyes and sprinkle Linden bio skin thermal water on your face, body or hair. This delicately sweet and elegant touch normalises the sensitivity of skin.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Moisturising + hydrating thermal water Linden (1)

Suitable: Combination, oily and problematic skin


Organic extracts offering authentic aromas of: Murslaski Tea, Linden, Clary Sage and Swiss apple.


A creamy textured balm with skin calming, softening and revitalising results. Pirina boosts and stimulates skins natural  condition, powers and visibly contributes to reducing imperfections. After application balm leaves a micro protective layer with natural UV factor. 


Season: All year


Men apply after shaving - skin is refreshed, nourished and protected.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Combination & oily skin facial balm - Pirina (1)

Suitable for: Dehydrated skin and recomended for: Anti-age, pigmentation prevention and removes all traces of facial fatigue


Maxima facial balm with authentic aroma of Bulgarian white rose (Rose alba, organically grown in ecological private high altitude farms)


Lusciously hydrating silky textured balm that naturally protects facial skin from drying, prevents the formation and appearance of fine lines, arresting cell degeneration and boosts skin elasticity.


The organic white rose extract stimulates cell regeneration, visibly tightens pores and smoothens fine lines. Medical studies have proven aroma particles slow down melanin production and act as a natural UV filter.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Dehydrated skin white rose facial balm - Maxima (1)

Suitable for: Dry & irritated skin and recommended: Couperose and Ultra-sensitive


Irris bio skin balm with authentic aroma and extracts of wild Bulgarian Iris.


Sumptuously melting textured balm that intensively nourishes, hydrates and naturally softens skins top layers.


Irris bio skin improves skin elasticity, enveloping it with a fine soothing layer ideal for skin prone to dryness. 


USDA NOP certified 100% organic




Dry & irritated skin facial balm - Irris (1)


Moisturising + hydrating thermal water - Linden

Suitable for: All skin types


Moisturising thermal water - Linden bio skin


Organic daily moisturiser that nourishes and refreshes.


Linden intensively hydrates skin and helps retain moisture after application reinforcing the hydro-lipid barrier of the skin. The gently sweet and exquisitely fresh authentic Linden flower blossom fragrance, when applied, refreshes and relaxes skin, also:


  • Brightens complexion
  • Intensively rehydrates
  • Restores smooth appearance  
  • Retains moisture
  • Especially effective in dry / cold environments amd climates
  • An ideal travel companion for in flight relaxation


Usage: A 100% natural and pure, Linden thermal water can be used as often as desired. Highly suitable for climates and environments where skin can become dry and sensitive. 


Intense hydration + toning thermal water - Irris

Suitable for: all skin types


Cherished for over 500 years, the aroma of Iris has a proven refreshing effect on both skin and mind.


Containing innovative intense hydrating Iris Co2 organic extracts that soothingly tone and improve skin condition. This relaxing aromatic water imparts a delicious Iris scent that is described as tenacioulsly flowery, heavy and woody. 


Application: Spray 2-3 times over your face keeping eyes closed. Your skin will start looking and feeling as soft and satin smooth.


May be used as a refreshing spritzer through out the day to soothe and vitalise


Protecting antioxidant facial serum Zdravetz (Geranium)

Zdravetz bio skin (Geranium) protecting serum 


Day and night face, neck and décolleté serum that contains an antioxidant complex with beta carotenes and Vitamin E. It provides skin protection against the damaging effects from excessive levels of free radicals and peroxide compounds that form the signs of ageing.


Organic active ingredients stimulate the synthesis of proteins and collagen within the skin to promote a healthier appearance and smoothening of wrinkles with noted effects for the face, neck and décolleté.


Zdravetz - Natural & deluxe actively restores skins elasticity and replenishes it with essential vitamins:


  • Protects against wrinkle formation
  • Prevents skin from loosing elasticity
  • Protects cell from damage
  • Gently tends skin dryness  
  • Protects skin against UV rays



Softening anti-age Lilac facial serum

Lilac bio skin organic softening day and night serum provides the most gentle care for face, neck and neckline.


Truly unique essence of organic Lilac composed with a complex of fine texture natural skin components that impart:


  • Active facial skin softening qualities
  • Improves healing process
  • Rehydrates and replenishes
  • Reduces appearance of scar tissue
  • Anti microbial properties
  • Brightens skin tone 
  • Protects skin from cold and dry climate


Application: Natural and Deluxe Lilac softening care provides and ensures that the skins lipid layers are reinforced and the integrity of its protective barrier is gently maintained leaving skin feeling smooth as porcelain.


Rejuvenating anti age Rose facial serum

Rosa bio skin Rejuvinating skin care, Natural & Deluxe


Organic Bulgarian Rose oil Day & Night care serum for face, neck and neckline to revitalise skin and promote elasticity


Penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, Rosa bio skin nourishes, enriches and hydrates without compromising either cellular or skin breathing capacity.


  • Promotes the formation of collagen
  • Reduces elasticity loss from skin
  • Reduces visible wrinkles
  • Revitalises skin
  • Imparts luminosity effect on skin


Rosa bio skin care normalizes intracellular metabolism, actively promotes the formation of collagen and dramatically slows down the effects of ageing.


Revitalising facial balm - Pirina

Combination and oily skin balm for pure, healthy looking skin - face, neck, neckline and the delicate skin around the eyes.


Authentic aroma of mountain tea from the mountains of Pirina, Linden, Clary sage and Swiss apple stimulate the natural powers of the skin, improving its ability to recover and rejuvenate its appearance.


Pirina organic balm produces a delicate continuous micro layer on the skin, which when absorbed deeply hydrates, revitalises and leaves skin feeling noticeably smoother. These stimulating properties visibly reduce skin imperfections and offers natural SPF effective for daily exposure whilst out and about with daily activities.


Skin will look, feel revitalised and firmer. 


Men: Apply after shaving - will refresh, nourish and protect


Intensive hydration facial balm - Irris

Organic intensive care balm for dry skin for face, neck neckline and delicate skin surrounding eyes


Organic Irris balm with meltingly soft texture supports the strength of the skin by restoring the epidermis and its water retaining properties and provides natural daily SPF.


Application: Use morning and evening to clean slightly moistened skin. Smoothly apply over the face, neck and neckline with a gentle massaging motion.


Skin feels revitalised and firmer, lines appear softened and will look and feel smoother


For optimal results: Combine with Irris thermal spring water


Rehydrating anti-wrinkle facial balm - Maxima

For radiant soft skin - Face, neck, neckline and delicate skin around the eyes skin organic balm with Rosa alba and Rose damascena.


The power of white rose Co2 extract encourages natural renewal of the skin and is powerful enough to help reduce the appearance of pores, age spots and wrinkles / fine lines.


Containing authentic scent of the historically cherished antique Rosa alba (white rose), organically nurtured and cultivated in the gardens of Ecomaat Bulgaria. Maxima imparting the most subtle and gentle rose aroma delicately entwined with fresh citrus tones.


This enticing balm with its luscious texture, prevents skin from drying and beautifully arrests the development of wrinkles and fine lines, also reduces the degeneration of skin cells effectively  restoring flexibility to the skin. The organic ingredients provide natural SPF effective for daily exposure whilst conducting daily activities.


Maxima was developed to provide overnight care that helps remove all signs and traces of fatigue. In the morning skin is delightfully refreshed feeling silky smooth. 

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