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Combination & oily skin facial balm - Pirina

Suitable: Combination, oily and problematic skin


Organic extracts offering authentic aromas of: Murslaski Tea, Linden, Clary Sage and Swiss apple.


A creamy textured balm with skin calming, softening and revitalising results. Pirina boosts and stimulates skins natural  condition, powers and visibly contributes to reducing imperfections. After application balm leaves a micro protective layer with natural UV factor. 


Season: All year


Men apply after shaving - skin is refreshed, nourished and protected.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic


Revitalising facial balm - Pirina

Combination and oily skin balm for pure, healthy looking skin - face, neck, neckline and the delicate skin around the eyes.


Authentic aroma of mountain tea from the mountains of Pirina, Linden, Clary sage and Swiss apple stimulate the natural powers of the skin, improving its ability to recover and rejuvenate its appearance.


Pirina anti-age organic balm produces a delicate continuous micro layer on the skin, which when absorbed deeply hydrates, revitalises and leaves skin feeling noticeably smoother.


These stimulating properties visibly reduce skin imperfections and offers natural SPF effective for daily exposure whilst out and about with daily activities.


Skin will look, feel revitalised and firmer. 


Men: Apply after shaving - will refresh, nourish and protect

List Price:£90.00
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Discounts info
List Price:£90.00
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