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Baby skin care oil - DoDo organic

Suitable for: Babies and children 


Dodo organic skin care, massage  & bath oils (Rose and Chamomile) beloved by babies and children (including mums and dads everywhere) nuture, protect and hydrate the most delicate skin enganging the senses with enticing natural comforting aromas.


Transform daily routines of:

  • bathing into a dialogue with mum or dad through contact, 
  • before breastfeeding to calm or prior to bed time, its relaxing effect can promote relaxation and easier inducement of sleep.
  • For very young babies to counteract the drying effect of bathing water.


USDA NOP certified 100% organic


Baby skin care oil organic Chamomile

Organic Chamomile baby oil - DoDo series


Created for skin care, massage oil and bath oil for your littles ones as it conveys lipids derived from the plant oils that provide the most gentle, caressing care for their tender skin.


A delightfully developed 100% Bio organic composition that imparts the natural properties from the combined plant oils to create an invisible protective film with a soothing Chamomile fragance.


Baby skin care oil organic Rose

Organic Rose - baby and child skin care oil


100% bio organic baby massage oil combining Argan and Jojoba oils, with extracts from exquisite blossoms of Rosa damascena and Rose Hip produced through supercritical co2 extraction to collect their valuable and pure ingredients. 


Organic Rose Dodo oil conveys lipids from within the plant oils to maintain healthy nurtured skin, to keep your baby and chils skin tenderly protected and hydrated without inhibiting the skins respiration process. The authentic aromas naturally increase relaxation and confidence of the paternal contact of Mum and Dad and leave your little one with silky soft skin and glowing complexion.

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