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Aroma Tonic - La Vie en Rose

Suitable for: All skin types


Purify, moisturise and rebalance skin with La Vie en Rose aroma tonic, a delicate aroma that refreshes and energises the senses. 


La Vie en Rose aroma tonic is an organic skin toner that exhibits exceptionally tender actions, hydrating and toning (vitalising) leaving the lipid barrier of skin normalised, cleansed and enlightened. 


Application of La Vie en Rose aroma tonic not only brightens dark spots, but naturally evens tanning of the skin. 


Created with precious extracts from 100% organic Bulgarian Rose alba and Rose damascena blossom, grown at altitude on private ecologically responsible farms at the very pinnicle of Bulgaria's rose valley.


Aroma Tonic - La Vie en Rose

Enticing extracts of Bulgarian roses


Rose alba (white rose) and Rose damascena (Pink rose) grown at high altitude on private ecologically sustainable farms at the peak of Bulgaria's Rose valley.


Simply spray La Vie en Rose aroma tonic on to your skin (face and body) feel it purify, moisturise and rebalance your skin, whilst you embrace its delicate aroma letting it refresh and energise the senses.


To refresh: Spray directly on to face, hair and hands throughout the day.


To hydrate: Spray directly onto dry skin


For shiny glossy hydrated hair: Spray on clean lightly dampened hair


To obtain maximum results, application of La Vie en Rose face tonic should be combined as a "before" and "after" application of bio skin serums or balms from Natural & deluxe series.


Suitable for: All skin types

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