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Our organic ingredients

What makes your products unique?


We only use organic materials and ethical environmentally friendly production techniques, we cultivate the raw ingredients, this way we can guarentee purity.    


Where do you obtain the Ingredients and what are they?


The plants involved in our products we plant and grow in high altitude fields without the use of chemicals or pesticides.   


Which ingredients do you NOT use?


The following is a list of ingredients you will not find in our products. 


  • Synthetic colouring, fragrance - Synthetic additives can irritate skin, we only use natural products with their own colours and scents.  


  • Mineral oil - Mineral oil is not used at all as it is derived from petroleum and so not in accordance with our common practice or ethics.  


  • Silicone - Many cosmetics include silicone to create a finish that makes the skin feel smooth after application. It has been discovered that this can block the skin’s pores – which is why we use don’t use silicone at all.  


  • Alcohol - Our distillery processes (e.g. supercritical Co2 extraction) negates the need to use this form which is responsible for drying skin. 


  • Parabens - Parabens are preservatives used widely used in cosmetics. Available naturally or synthetically, they prevent fungi, bacteria and mould. However, some studies have suggested a link between parabens and cancer.  


What certification do Ecomaat products carry?


Ecomaat Ltd. is the first Bulgarian manufacturer certified for production of bio / organic essential oils and extracts. The certifying authority who exercises over the production and monitoring the activities of our company is LACON GmbH through its representative for Bulgaria - LACON Ltd.  


At Ecomaat, we ensure traceability at every level of the production chain – from growing of the plants, through to processing, storage and distribution. The raw plant materials for production of authentic organic certified essential oils and extracts are grown without synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMOs.   


What is special about the technologies and processes used to obtain the oils to create the extracts? 


  • In-house distillery 

In our distillery we combine in excess of 300 years of tradition in the production of essential oils and Bulgarian product knowledge combined with new technologies and modern equipment. The automation of the process and its focus in even the smallest of details enables numerous ways to optimise improvement of the energy efficiency and reducing production costs. The production cycle is completely wasteless - after processing, the utilised plant materials are reused as material for compost and fertilisation of the company's arable land or they are dried and used as ecological solid fuel for production of steam instead diesel. The remaining waters from distillation are also gathered and after fermentation are reused at our fields. 


  • On-site CO2 extraction 

The Ecomaat distillery features the latest plant for supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of oil-bearing raw materials, herbs and medicinal plants.  


How is your quality control managed?

As a family operation, all production is overseen by our select team of experts who control every aspect of the process from start to finish (field to final product). 


Is all your packaging recyclable?

All glass used in the storage of oils and extracts is UV pharmaceutical grade quality, the boxes for presentation and transport are made from fully recyclable materials.