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Gift organic rose

Our valued corporate customers have a dedicated team on hand all year to assist with any need.


Gifts for: Clients, staff, special occasions including seasonal celebrations and festivities - all are amply covered by our especially helpful team.  


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Bulgarian Rose oil (Rose otto) certified 100% organic


Organic pure Bulgarian Rose damascena / damask rose oil with over 350 carefully monitored chemical components found in each and every drop.


Rose otto (attar of rose / attar of roses) is renowned for its beneficial impact on the nervous system – normalising the psycho-physiological functions of the human body helping with relaxation and soothing, relieving of fatigue, dissolving stress conditions, normalizing brain hemodynamics, improving self-esteem.  


Completely pure and non-toxic, and has a specific balancing effect on a women’s hormonal background.


Since 2014 "Bulgarian rose oil" is a european "PGI" trademark, Bulgarian rose oil sets itself apart from rose essential oils produced in the rest of the world. Only essential oil extracted from roses cultivated within the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) areas registered in the EU are permitted to be called Bulgarian rose oil.


Trade volumes available on request 1KG+

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