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Rose Perfume 100% organic Rose Perfume 100% organic

Limited edition, exclusive organic Rose alba perfume of the purest quality with unique natural rose scent.

Harvested from micro climate high altitude gardens treasure laden with the ancient white rose, Rosa alba, comes Antique, a perfume of the absolute highest quality with an unmistakable aroma of purity and innocence...

Rose alba has toning effects, relaxes stressed skin, inhilation of its aroma inhibits chronic disturbance to skins protective barriers increasing its turgor and elasticity. 

Perfume your hair: For the best results - scent is in general better perserved on hair. 

Apply onto fingers, gently rub both hands, then run your fingers from the roots outwards to ensure better coverage.

To pulse points: apply directly behind the ears, on the wrists, on the inner side of the elbows and on the nape.     

Simply aroma by nature...



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    List Price:£49.50
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    Discounts info
    List Price:£49.50
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