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Organic Face & Body oils - Spa Maat Organic Face & Body oils - Spa Maat

"Spa Maat" Products are a professional line comprising of three types of basic aromatherapeutic products:

1. Essential oils

2. Aromatherapeutic blends

3. Floral waters

They are intended for cosmetic procedures and delivering intense effects, that are available in selected salons, spas and wellness centres as part of therapy and treatment experience.

Implemented in synergy, the essential oils, aromatherapeutic blends and floral waters generate new properties and produce potent results for the face and body including;-

- softening, regeneration and enhancement of skin elasticity

- active anti-cellulite actions 

- stimulation the processes of metabolism in tissues, improving blood circulation and immunity 

- Improving blood circulation and immunity 

- efficiency of lymph drainage, normalization of the tone of peripheral vessels

- bio-active resonance, hours after completing the massage procedure

- ​and most importantly, the balance of the body's processes: physiological and emotional

The face aromatherapeutic blends, "Maat," "Maat for Dry Skin" and "Maat for Oily skin" - soften, rehydrate and smoothen the outer surface of the skin and take affect on the structure of inter-cellular layers and restore the skins protective barrier. They are composed of a lipid complex incorporating almond, avacado, grape seed, jojoba, peach, wheat germ, olive and evening primorose plant oils.

Fragrances: The essential oils and extracts in the "Spa Maat" Products aromatherapeutic blends, transform any cosmetic procedure into an exquisite stress-relieving treat for the skin, body and mind.

Available in individual 5ml or 10ml bottles also in trade box sets of 10 x 5ml and 8 x 10ml bottles


Maat - Facial (2)

Maat, a professional spa strength application that is composed around the legendary organic Bulgarian Rose Damascena oil to create an intense and unique facial aromatherapeutic blend that imparts special properties that include; 


- Hydrating



The application of Maat effectively reduces skin pore size, gently disolves skin scarring improving skin surface and actively heals inflammations.


Maat offers fabulous aromatherapeutic care for the face and the face line.


The result is: Youthful radiant, velvet-soft skin


Suitable for all skin types.   


Essential Oils

Rose & Lavender​ 

- Exhibit stimulating effects on cells 

- Nourishing, moisturising and toning

- Enhances skin elasticity

Packaging: Box of 10 x 5ml bottles

USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Maat Dry Skin Facial and Body (0)

A blend that rehydrates and recuperates the epithelial skinlayer. It relaxes face muscles, soothes irritated skin and relieves discomfort across the whole body.


Maat For Dry Skin has a rich azulene content which is responsible for healing inflammations and enhancing the protective properties of the skin.


It is recommended as a treatment for rosacea and cuperose skin.


Suitable for sensitive and dry skin.


Essential Oils


Lavender - heals cells and stimulates their recuperation; a natural antiseptic and anti-depressant;

Chamomile - soothes the skin and restores its softness;

Yarrow - exhibits toning properties;

Marigold extract - improves skin hydration;


Packaging: Box of 10 x 5ml

USDA NOP certified 100% organic

Maat Oily Skin Facial & Body (2)

A truely unique face and body formula with antibacterial and skin oil balancing properties, Maat For Oily Skin enhances skin resistance without effecting the regeneration process of the skin.

Maat For Oily Skin has a toning and refreshing fragrance and its application dramatically reduces pore size.

This aomatherapeutic blend is suitable for problematic skin applied across the whole body.

Essential Oils

- Lavender - heals cells and stimulates their recovery; imparts natural antiseptic and uplifting effect

- Petitgrain - improves the condition of problematic skin; eliminates swelling:

- Patchouli - exhibits purifying and oil secretion control properties


Packaging: Box of 10 x 5 ml

USDA NOP certified 100% organic



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