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Acne Corrector Acne Corrector

Melissa Acne Corrector is composed of purely natural & organic ingredients and is a complex of natural lipds that improve the barrier and protective abilities of cell membranes and the skin as a whole.

This unique blend enhances the healing processes and gently soothes irritated skin until the process fades completely, can be used as a spot treatment, targeted area or as all-over application.

Anti-inflammatory properties are exhibited by Melissa Acne treatment, as well as the combination of powerful bacteriacidic and bacteriostatic effects.

Application is effortless, simply applied onto cleansed skin, directly to the problematic zone and areas, 3-4 times a day until the process fades completely.

Packaging: a drop applicator equipped 5 ml flask

USDA NOP certified 100% organic ingredients:

Organic Melissa Oil

- Antibacterial

- Anti-viral

- Anti-microbic properties


As a form of aromatherapy, it also has a pronounced anti-depressant effect


Organic Marigold Extract exhibits

- Anti-inflammatory

- Epithelial-promoting

- Healing properties


Organic St. John’s Wort extract exhibits

- Anti-inflammatory

- Bactericidic

- Healing properties


Organic Lavender CO2 extract

- Heals cells

- Stimulates their recovery

A natural antiseptic and anti-depressant


Organic Yarrow exhibits

- Anti-allergic

- Actve healing properties


Melissa Acne Corrector (1)

Melissa Acne Corrector introduces potent skin enhancing healing processes which nurture and soothes your skin by imparting anti-inflammatory properties as well as powerful antibactericidal and bacteriostatic effects.

This is a powerful, pure and natural acne solution that treats and fades existing blemishes, and importantly prevents new ones from forming, all without drying or irritation to your skin.

Visible results in normally 3-5 days. 

USDA NOP certified 100% organic



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