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Femina Femina

Luxurious treatment with this aromatherpeutic blend results in a profound relaxing sensation and smooth, hydrated skin.

The application of the blend effectively prevents wrinkle and striae formation, as well as capillary cracking.

These beneficial effects are from the potent ingredient, Bulgarian Rosa Damascena essential oil. As a liquid lipid-soluable substance, it easily passes through cell membranes, penetrating to the deep layers of the skin and enhancing its structure and elasticity.

Its anti-inflamitory, bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties make Femina an excellent choice for procedures for the regeneration and maintanence of problematic skin.

Essential Oils


Rose - restores the youthful looks of the skin, preserves its beauty and shine, counteracts the influence of stress and time

Vitex - promotes relaxation and improves skin condition, particularly problematic skin;

Lavender - heals cells and stimulates their recuperation; it is a natural antiseptic and anti depressant.


Packaging: Box of 8 x 10 ml

USDA NOP certified 100% organic



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