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Most popular

Zdravetz antioxidant protecting serum Zdravetz antioxidant protecting serum

Zdravetz Bio Skin - Protecting facial skin care

Geranium, Zdravetz Bio Skin is a rich age-defense product that protects and fortifies skin against wrinkles, the loss of elasticity, dryness, cell damage and other consequeses of UV exposure and the damaging and harmful effects of free radicals and peroxide compounds. 

Zdravetz Bio Skin (Bulgarian Geranium) a skin-vitality enhancer for the face, neck and neckline restores skin elasticity and rejuvinates by boosting it with vitamins and protecting it:

Stimulates synthesis of proteins

Stimulates synthesis of collagen

Anti-wrinkle properties

Moisturises dry skin

Corrects cell damage


Packaging: 2 x 10ml Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles with pump applicator

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil*(Simmondsia Chinesis), Argan Oil*(Argania Spinosa), Rose Hip fruit extract**(Fructus Rosa Canina), Zdravetz Extract**(Geranium Macrorrhizum), Juniper Fruit Extract**(Fructus Juniperus Communis), Limonene***

*bio-certified ingredients **bio-certified CO2 extracts ***natural compounds in essential oils and CO2 extracts

Please note to completely remove the security ring of the cap when opening the bottle to enable correct fixing of pump. This will avoid malfunction of the gel/spray pumps



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