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anti age skin softening lilac serum anti age skin softening lilac serum

Lilac Bio Skin Softening Care - the most gentle of ways to protect your skin.

Treatment with Lilac Bio Skin Softening Care is a morning and evening serum application that leaves skin feeling tender and as smooth as porcelain. Its active extract is taken from the spring blossoms of the lilac that exhibit softening, bactericidal and healing properties, it promotes the strengthening of the lipid structures of the corneous layer, reinforcing its impermeability.

Lilac Bio Skin Softening Care for the face, neck and neckline utilises its fine texture to melt into the skin and reveal the efficiency of the illuminating and radiance plant complex - a unique synergy of Lilac and Rose hips extracts that​​

- Softens skin

- Energises skin layers

- Re-hydrates skin layers

- Reduces scar tissue recover and improves healing

- Imparts bacteriacidic properties

Packaging: 2 x 10 ml Bottles with pump applicator

Ingredients:Jojoba Oil*(Simmondsia Chinesis), Argan Oil* (Argania Spinosa), Rose Hip Fruit extract** (Fructus Rosa Canina), Lilac extract**(Syringa vulgaria)

*bio-certified ingredients **bio-certified CO2 extracts

Please note to completely remove the security ring of the cap when opening the bottle to enable correct fixing of pump. This will avoid malfunction of the gel/spray pumps



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