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Summer Summer

An aromatherapeutic blend with a distinctly unique summer fragrance, an exquisite skincare solution that hydrates and heals the skins epithelial tissue. The blend gently stimulates blood circulation and filters out toxins.


Summer can be used as a prophylactic treatment against the formation of cellulite. It protects the skin against sun damage via a natural UV filter.


This blend is suitable for normal to dry skin types.


Essential Oils


Zdravetz (Geranium) improves the condition of skin.

Juniper Berries exhibits stimuating, purifying and refreshing properties; slows down the aging process.

Marigold Extract contains carotenoids - the natural form of Vitamin A; restores the condition of the skin after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


Packaging: Box of 8 x 10ml

USDA NOP certified 100% organic



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