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Rose Tea - La Vie en Rose Rose Tea - La Vie en Rose

Organic La Vie en Rose beauty tea from the Rose valley, Bulgaria.

Rose tea is a delicious caffeine-free beverage that you can drink instead of your regular caffeinated drinks. La Vie en Rose Beauty tea is caffeine free and offers a variety of physical health benefits, rose tea can be used to calm the mind and elevate your mood. With a very high vitamin C content La Vie en Rose Beauty tea makes it a wonderful natural boost for your immunity system. As well as maintaining your skin’s healthy appearance, Ecomaat organic rose petals contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can prove effective in treating skin conditions.

It offers a number of excellent health effects and is known to boost the improve the immune system and treat respiratory health.

• Full of antioxidant polyphenols that help protect the heart and studies show they may even help protect against cancer.

• Particularly helpful for women’s health. Studies have demonstrated that rose tea can alleviate many of the symptoms of menstruation.

• Excellent diuretic effects that can help treat urinary tract infections and flush the system.

• It may help you shed some unwanted weight in the longer-term.

• Simple and quick to brew.

Naturally pure and organic, cultivated on high altitude farms fed by mountain thermal water, the queen on roses, La Vie en Rose Beauty tea.

Packaging: loose tea, 50 servings

Ingredients: Rose damascena Certified 100% organic



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