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Welcome to the organic online shop for Ecomaat skin care and nutritional products. 


Antiage (42)

Ecomaat home facial skincare with exquisite fragrances and prized benefits of Rejuventating Rose (Bulgarian Rose Damascena), Softening Lilac, Moisturising Linden, Protecting Zdravetz (Bulgarian Geranium), Pirina facial balm, Irris facial balm, Maxima (White Rosa Alba) facial balm and Rhodopa body skincare oil. 

Natural and Deluxe Bio Skin and aroma care are exclusive cosmetic lines featuring active bio-products for skin care of the face, body, and nails. Daily application is effortless and rapidly establishes visible, tangible results that enable you to maintain healthy vibrant skin, combat the effects of ageing, to looking and feeling great every day.  

The potency and benefits of these sensitive and precious ingredients (which are commonly lost or are heavily adulterated in many skincare products) are extracted at low temperatures via cutting edge technology called "Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction." The results are highly authentic natural fragrances being captured in a truly clean state, with absolutely no trace of damaging toxic solvents, heavy metals or pesticides. 

Supercritical CO2 extracts of plants, petals, leaves and fruits exhibit substantial




immuno-stimulating properties

These properties are due to the potent bioactivity of the complexes of terpenes, carotenoids, flavonoids, phytosterols, tocopherols, fatty acids and resinous substances contained within each unique skincare.

Because the real luxury.... is nature in its purest state.

*bio-certified ingredients **bio-certified CO2 extracts ***natural compounds in essential oils and CO2 extracts

Perfume (3)

An exclusive limited edition Organic Rose Alba perfume with co2 extracts... Antique, Rosa Alba involved bio pulse perfume

The authentic scent of the historc Rosa Alba, grown in private organic gardens of Ecomaat Bulgaria: Classic damask and citrus with even tangerine tones...

Antique, offers the sublimely unique and authentic fragrance of the white rose, Rosa Alba. This mysterious fragrance is fresh and clean, offering an invisible charm of innocence and humility with intoxicating beauty and tenderness.

To Perfume hair: The scent is in general mostly preserved on hair. Apply onto the fingers of one hand, then rub hands together and then apply only onto from the roots outwards onto hair.

Application on pulse points: apply directly behind the ears, on the wrists, on the inner side of the elbows and on the nape

La Vie en Rose (11)

La Vie en Rose, Beauty from within...

La Vie en rose drops and capsules contains CO2 extracts of oleaginous and wild rose combined with organic Bulgarian Rose oil (Rose Otto). Numerous medical studies had demonstarted the beneficial impact on the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, liver and excretory system as well as impacting the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream.

When combined with a healthy lifestyle, La Vie en Rose products help restore skin functions leaving it looking radiant and youthful, skin is aided in recuperating its structure, moisture levels and elasticity enhanced and importantly skin is protected against the aggresssion of single oxygen radicals (free radicals) resulting from solar radiation.             

Created with innovative technology that captures the active substances of the prized Rosa Damascena through supercritical CO2 extraction, based on the concept of "inner beauty" - now available in capsule and drop form. 

La Vie en Rose is a 100% natural product - bio certified and a unique combination blessed with the distinctive scent of the Bulgarian Rose - Rosa Damascena:

- Prevents premature aging of the skin and within the human organism

- Actively maintains beauty and youth of skin, imparting softening and toning effects

​- A nutricosmecutical of extremely high quality and effective nutritional supplement

- Active ingredients from CO2 extract preserve the true "live" properties 

- Liquid form of ingredients ensures quick absorbtion without side effect or loss of quality

- Rose aroma improves: resistance to nervous tension, sleep, dream & relaxation


Behind the perfect rose - The key to "La Vie en Rose"

There are only three or four oil-bearing varieties out of seven thousand varieties of Rose that exist. The most fragrant - Rosa Damascena Mill. has been known of for millenia and it was introduced from the Middle East to what is today modern Bulgaria. A perennial, highly branched bush with a well developed root system that grows to 2m in height, the blossoms are a distinctive pink colour, with a potent and pleasant fragrance and are in sequence from the end of May towards the end of June.

Approximately 4000kg of blossom produces just 1kg of the ledgendary Bulgarian rose oil and over one thousand compounds form the splendor and depth of its fragrance, which sets the world's standard of quality.     

You may become familiar with the visible beauty of the rose, but it is impossible to get used to its invisible beauty - the rose, given as a gift, will always be a symbol of love and we can always close our eyes and find the amazing fragrance in our heart. There the bio-energy of the rose inspires a unique and intimate experience for each of us: tenderness, freshness, splendor, purity, sophistication....  

Skin Toner (23)

Premium quality USDA NOP certified 100% organic Floral Waters.

The most naturally pure skin toners available (commonly also referred to as Hydrosols / Hydrolates / Flower Water / Floral Water) to gently cleanse and prepare your skin 100% chemically free.... 

All our organic floral waters are produced through steam distillation of only organically cultivated plants with no chemical additives, preservatives nor are they adulterated in any way (unlike commonly available cheaper by-products produced from essential oil production).  

Ecomaat hydrating organic floral waters are specifically created to produce pure, opalescent toners nurturing carefully infused, potent natural extracts that actively balance, cleanse and hydrate your skin imparting the distinctly authentic qualities and aroma of each individual organic plant.

Simply 100% organic certified Floral Water - Zdravetz (Geranium Macrorrhizum), Rose (Damascena), Melissa (Officinalis), Lavander (Angustifolia), Chamomile (Recutita) and Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea) 

Baby & Mom (8)

DoDo Bio certified protective baby oils are perfect for gentle massage and bath applications.

Dodo Oils are 100% pure Bio-organic products created specifically to enhance your baby or child's care through relaxing, loving massages that hydrate and protect their sensitive delicate skin.

Through the application of the soothing Chamomile or nurturing Rose DoDo Oils, the lipids within the plant oils impart the most tender, caressing care for the soft immature skin of your baby and preserve its natural hydro-lipid layer.

The purest and most authentic fragrances induce positive emotions, elevating the trust & bond towards Mum and Dad.  

Acne (9)

"Melissa Acne Corrector" active organic skin treatment and Organic Melissa toner work in harmony to address acne skin conditions. 

A unique and hughly effective purely natural blend that is powerful and offers complete acne solution with simple and easy application. 

"Melissa Acne Corrector" exhibits prized anti-inflammitory and anti-allergic properties as well as highly effective bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties which gently calm and actively cleanse delicate skin. 

Contains only organic natural ingredients - no artificial fragrance or colour. An incredible alternative for people with a preferrence for treatment with products free of Benzoyl Peroxide. 

Aromatherapy (41)

100% Certified Organic Essential Oils, uniquely cultivated, harvested and produced inhouse. 

Speciality oils - Organic:

Rose, Chamomile, Yarrow (Achillea Millefoilum) & Melissa essential oils - some of the most precious and prized oils utilised in premium aromatherapy, skincare regiems and by renowned perfume houses the world over.

Oildeology offer absolutely pure essential oils and organic certified ingredients...

Organic seeds, ethical cultivation and havesting processed and bottled onsite - no synthetic additives.... nothing more than simply 100% natural organic products.

Certified by Lacon of Germany, EU and USDA NOP  

Interesting Rose Facts:

Depending on the climatic condition during harvesting season, the quality of fresh rose flowers varies and influences the production yeilds. Typically the raw material need for the production of 1kg of rose oil, balances between 3000-4000kg of fresh roses. Bulgaria has over 300 years of tradition in extracting rose oil from the precious rose flowers and the producion process benefits of numerous improvements: equipment and technology upgrades. Bulgaria is the global leader in rose production onsidering its olfactory qualities, hterapeutic properties and total annual quantity.

Both rose otto or rose attar (attar of rose, attar of roses) the essential oil is extracted from the petals of Rosa Damascena Mill. through a process called steam distillation.

These days, even with the high cost of production coupled with the synthetic substitutes commonly used for imitations and for creating rose-like-fragrances, authentic Bulgarian rose oil is still the most widely used essential oil in quality perfumery and cosmetics. This is primarily due to its unique aroma and numerous therapeutic benefits.

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