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Thermal Waters 100% Organic Thermal Waters 100% Organic

Nautral skin toner made with pure thermal water and organic co2 extracts for intense skin hydration, for all seasons and skin types. 


Irris Thermal Water NEW (1)

Cherished throughout history, the Iris aroma is known for having a directly refreshing effect on both skin and mind.


This relaxing aromatic water contains innovative Iris extract that soothingly tones and improves the condition of your skin. Iris scent is described as tenacioulsly flowery, heavy and woody. 


Ideal for all skin types


Application: Sprays 2-3 times from 45 cm over your face keeping eyes closed. Your skin will start looking and feeling as soft and smooth as satin.


Also use as a spritzer through out the day to refresh yourself


For optimal results combine with Irris Balm by Ecomaat

Linden Bio Skin Thermal Water (1)

Linden Bio Skin Thermal Water - Natural and Deluxe 

Linden Bio Skin Thermal Water a day and night application that restores the natural balance and tone of the skin, intensively rehydrates the skin and maintains the moisture within.

Post application Linden evaporates leaving a thin, invisible layer of mineral film formed on the skin, emitting the authentic fragrance of linden blossoms that refreshes and relaxes the skin. 

- Noticeably counteracts the effects of ageing

- Promotes luxurious resilience

- Actively rehydrates

- Maintains moisture levels

- Instills smoothness

- Emits radiance

- Creates a vibrant and more youthful appearance

Close your eyes and sprinkle Linden Bio Skin Thermal Water on your face, body or hair. This delicately sweet and elegant touch normalises the sensitivity of skin.

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