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Intense hydration for dry skin - Irris Thermal Water Intense hydration for dry skin - Irris Thermal Water

Irris Natural & Deluxe Thermal Water ia an easy to carry day care aroma water for the face and body.

100% organic USDA certified extracts from Irris Germanica roots, highly valued for floral aroma - distinctly woody and slightly spicy notes. 

Irris deeply hydrates skin enabling it to retain moisture for longer. Irris improves skin elasticity, restores smoothness & vitality. Micro-droplets of exquisite Irris aroma immediately relaxes skin. 

Ideal for cold climates in winter seasons where skin is subjected to extreme changes in temperature and moisture levels and dryness results.

Recommended: Very Dry and sensitive skin, freckles 

Suitable: Dry

Combine with: Irris Facial Balm


Spray onto clean skin once or twice daily or more often if required.

Apply when skin feels dry or stretched, ideal flight companion.

Compress on fatigued eyes after extended working day and to remove bags under the eyes. Spay on to cotton pad, place on eyes 10 minutes to refresh and hydrate.



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