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Rose Floral Water (Rosa Damascena) Certified 100% Organic USDA NOP

Aromatic natural - facial, neck and body tonic.

100% Certified Organic Rose floral water contaning 120 Rosa Damscena flowers in each bottle offers fresh daily face, neck and decollete cleansing. Highly popular with therapists and salons when preparing skin for massages and cosmetic procedures. 

A delicately scented natural toner that rehydrates, supports the skins self regulation and stimulates skin cell regeneration. Rose floral water soothes and invigorates while reducing the visibly of broken capillaries, alleviating fatigue and relaxing muscles.

Ecomaat Rose damask floral water emits an authentic exquisite rose fragrance with soft, balanced effects. It is directly distilled from genuine rose petals (not as a "by product" of essential oil production) consists of two parts: Water – containing micro elements such as zinc and copper and organic blossom – containing the ingredients of rose oil

  • Maintains the skins natural moisture
  • Regulates pH balance
  • Tones and softens the epidermis
  • Noticable skin whitening effect
  • Soaked pads on eyes relieves
  • Fatigue
  • Reduces swelling
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Treats dark circles

Rose floral water gently cleanses and tones the skin exhibiting powerful anti-microbic properties against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms. It is an irreplaceable aid promoting the health of the skin.

This is aromatherapeutic and relaxing cosmetics at its natural ideal.

Apply to: Perfect toner for all ages and all skin types - especially mature, dry and sensitive skin.

Packaging: 100ml Pharmaceutical Glass Bottle

Certified Organic - USDA

*   bio-certified ingredients

***natural compounds in essential oils

There are no parabens, SLS or SLES or alcohol in or used to produce these 100% organic bio active farmed products.

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