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Aromatherapy against viral infections

Aromatherapy against viral infections


In this period of widespread viral infections, aromatherapy, and in particular the use of essential oils, can help reduce or in certain circumstances eliminate the possibility of infection, as well as helping relieve symptoms and restoring the body.


How do essential oils work?


Essential oils penetrate our body in three different ways:


through the skin;

by inhalation;

by ingestion (following precisely qualified medical instruction and adhering to cautions / restrictions) 

The most popular and easy to apply method is inhalation or inhalation.


Essential oils can be evaporated into the air using a diffuser, alternatively ultrasonic, spray or oil droplets placed on a cloth or cotton cloth.


In addition to aromatising, they also provide respiratory disinfection, unclog the nose and relieve breathing also positively impacting our psycho-emotional state.


Inhaled through nose, aromatic molecules of the essential oils interact with the olfactory organs and reach the brain almost instantly. They also reach the lungs, which are connected to the bloodstream - so the molecules are delivered directly into the bloodstream. It is this quick and short way of healing aromas to the body that makes it possible to improve a person's health or mood.


How can we protect ourselves with aromatherapy in the flu virus season?


Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory disease that attacks the nose, throat and lungs. The risk group for infection is the elderly and young children, for whom flu has the potential to be life-threatening.


We offer you a wide variety of 100% bio-certified Bulgarian essential oils that can help in the "fight" against viruses here are some:


Lavender essential oil


Undoubtedly, this is the oil with the most indications for viral infections. It is also suitable for very young children! The oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Stimulates the cells of the immune system in the fight against viruses, relieves headaches and muscle spasms when rubbed into the skin. In catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, sore throat, laryngitis and sinusitis.


Scotch pine (White pine) essential oil


Strong antiseptic, used for bronchitis, laryngitis, as well as symptoms of colds and flu. Improves breathing, soothes airway inflammation, cough and asthma. Indispensable oil for colds, acute and chronic rhinitis!


Thyme essential oil


It has powerful antibacterial and disinfectant properties, even diluted 1: 1000 has a strong antibacterial effect. Extremely suitable for upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, bronchitis, cough, laryngitis, asthma, sore throat. Thyme oil is also suitable in the recovery period after a viral infection, revitalises and strengthens the body.


Juniper essential oil


It has very strong antiseptic and cleansing properties. Helps the body get rid of toxins, stimulates the immune system.


Peppermint essential oil


Disinfects, soothes nervous tension, soothes pain, headaches and migraines. In respiratory disorders, asthma, bronchitis, cough and sinusitis, colds and flu. Attention! It has a strong tonic effect and is not suitable for use in the evening! In small - especially carefully and in minimal doses.


How to use?


Put 5, 6 or 7 drops in the water tank of a diffuser (the amount typically depends on the capacity of diffuser). Before turning it on, open a window or door wide to ventilate the room. Then turn on the diffuser to work until the air is saturated with aromatic vapours. Do not let the diffuser run while you sleep!


Please consider and make sure you fully understand:


Essential oils have a strong effect on the brain and blood, so their quality is extremely important! Use them carefully, in the recommended doses and method of use!


ECOMAAT essential oils are extracted by steam distillation from only 100% bio-certified plant ingredients, as required to meet USDA NOP Regulation and the standards of BDS ISO 16128-1: 2018.


The market is heavily saturated with products from different manufacturers - with different prices, varying quality and consistency. We advise you to choose carefully and find out about the origin of raw materials, the method of distillation and seek up to date quality certificates.


If you have any questions about our products and how to use them - do not hesitate to consult us at

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