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La Vie en Rose... beauty from within...

La Vie En Rose - nutritional supplements for youth, beauty and health


Spring program for detoxification of the body


The healing properties of the oil-bearing rose have been known to humans since ancient times. Today it continues to be proven that the Bulgarian rose is a complex of natural compounds with general stimulating action, and its aroma balances the secretion of stress-induced hormones. This knowledge gained over centuries, as well as results of modern research, analysis and experience have helped us to develop a truly unique product - a food supplement offering intensive care for health and beauty - Rose capsules "La Vie en Rose".


Powerful antioxidant active ingredients all of natural origin


Our rose capsules contain bio-certified CO2 extract and essential oil of Bulgarian rose (Rosa Damascena) and CO2 extract of rose hip (Rosa Canina fruit) - a concentrated cocktail of active antioxidant ingredients dissolved in olive oil (Olea europaea oil). All this in a capsule of hypromellose - a purified form of cellulose obtained from cotton fibres or wood core. Our formula guarantees the absorption of the active ingredients in the optimal place of the gastrointestinal tract, in addition to the advantage that it is entirely of plant origin.


Effective bioactive cosmetic and therapeutic system - counteracting the ageing process in the human body


La Vie en Rose capsules concentrate the most valuable ingredients of Bulgarian rose oil and rose-hip, powerful antioxidants that slows down the ageing process acting in the following areas of the body:


  • Detoxifying* effects - favours the function of; bile, liver, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. They reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and in this regard have an anti-sclerotic effect. Regulate liver function and restore lipid metabolism;
  • Rejuvenating effect - the active ingredients of the rose activate the microcirculation and regeneration of the skin. It becomes fresher, softer and more elastic. The condition of the hair and nails improves. A positive effect is the even accumulation of tan;
  • Antioxidant action - neutralises free oxygen radicals and eliminate the aggressive action of the environment;
  • Harmonising effects on hormonal status in women.


La Vie en Rose capsules support the detoxification process and counteract the ageing of the body


With their high content of bioactive substances such as sterols, tocopherols, carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols and essential oil, they have a stimulating effect on tissue regeneration essential for maintaining the structure and functional integrity of the body exposed to mechanical, toxic, radiation, ionising, etc. disabilities.


They have a beneficial effect on the emotional state


The capsules have an extremely good effect on emotional problems, calming and harmonising the mind, affecting depression, melancholia and panic attacks. They improve self-confidence and emotional comfort, strengthening adaptive abilities under stress.


Acts as a "Rose perfume"


Finally, La Vie en Rose capsules are a new form of application of "rose perfume" - the aromatic molecules taken internally are radiated through the skin.


Spring program for detoxification, health and beauty


If you decide to try the capsules "La Vie en Rose", for optimal results it is good to take three months.


Before beginning a course, at least one week in advance, we suggest switching to an unloading diet - plant and raw foods, more fresh juices, tea and more water. If you follow this diet during the course of capsules, the results will be further heightened.


If you suffer from high bad cholesterol, elevated levels of triglycerides in the blood or elevated levels of liver enzymes, it would be advisable to do a blood test with a liver profile before taking the capsules. So after the first month, you will be able to track and monitor the differences.


What results to expect:


Clarification of the skin complexion and visible improvement in the direction - healthy, fresh and Younger appearance - is observed after the first month;

Improved concentration and performance;

Improved general emotional state;

Relief of menstrual symptoms in women;

Improved diuresis;


"La Vie en Rose" capsules and other food supplements can be found in La Vie en rose.



*For the curious

A little more about the detoxification process


Detoxification of the body is a continuous process involving the liver, bile, kidneys, lymphatic system, blood and digestive system. This process occurs in two stages - first in the intestines and then in the liver. When we intake harmful substances through food, they enter the stomach from the intestines. If our intestines are lazy due to disorders in the microbiome (intestinal flora), then the harmful substances - toxins can seep into the blood.


From there, they enter the liver, where the blood is purified and filtered, and toxins are neutralised and excreted from the body by the kidneys. This is where fat-soluble toxins become water-soluble. However, because this process is continuous and about 1.4 litres of blood pass through the liver every minute, it is overloaded and begins to return toxins to the body via blood. In this way, the retained toxins begin to be stored in the liver, blood, brain and adipose tissue. And if nothing is done, they can stay in our body for long periods of time. This slows down our metabolism, we often get sick, feel exhausted and with loss of energy, it becomes difficult to concentrate.


In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is associated with health and longevity. Chinese teaching follows the theory of the five elements, according to which the liver corresponds to the element wood, and in nature this element is found in the spring, associated with green colour and sour taste. Much attention is paid to the connection of the liver with emotional activity and psychosomatics. It is believed that when there is a lack of energy in this organ, a person feels depressed, sad, emotionally cold and lethargic. And when there is an excess of energy, angry, irritable and restless.


The symbolism between spring, the new beginning and the function of the liver is not accidental. Spring is the time when we need to pay more attention to our liver. To strengthen its energy and improve its functions of purification and self-healing.


The healing properties of the rose - known for millennia

Even Hippocrates in his work "Corpus Hippocraticum" mentions the benefits of the rose for women - female nature, female diseases, infertility, and less in cosmetics. In the “Canon of Medical Sciences”, Avicenna defines the action of the rose as cooling and astringent. He advises in the room of the sick to bring roses and use an extract of pink (Rose) flowers as a remedy.


In Bulgarian folk medicine, the rose is a symbol of youth, beauty and health. The physician "Healer of the Rila Monastery", of grandfather Iliycho Danailov from 1804, mentions that the rose in the form of leaves, water and oil and is recommended in the treatment of eye diseases, skin diseases, cough, jaundice, pain in the stomach.


In the first printed "Canon of Prayer and Healer" are given several recipes with rose water and rose oil for headaches, low back pain, to strengthen the weak and sick, eye inflammation.

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