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How to have a luxurious Spa day at home

With the official shutdown of spas nationwide due to COVID-19, you do not have to miss out as you have the power to create your own reality! 


Times like these call for you to be especially gentle with yourself and spend a little extra time of self care. Beauty is escapism at its finest—meaning you can seek comfort in pure organic products transforming your bathroom into an “at-home spa sanctuary.” It might not have the same look as your usual spa, but deluxe naturally indulgent products will do the trick. 


All you have to do is make yourself some cucumber water add La Vie en Rose drops, turn on your tea kettle make a cup of Rose beauty tea, slip on a bath robe and slippers, play your favourite relaxing tunes, and get started.


These deluxe pick-me-up products will spoil your hair, skin, body, and nails with professional-level results. 


With massaging facial tool, warming hand mask, slow-burning candle, and more to indulge in, you'll feel beautified from head to toe. Don't jump all at once and overcomplicate things, though; start with a f then go from there. Read on for spa day staples that will help keep you (and your body) in high spirits… even during self-isolation.


Hydrating beauty drink


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Enjoyable delicate rose flavour, 100% organic, improve your skin, body, nails and hair. Rose drops help hydration and naturally improve condition (simply add it to tap water, mineral water or juice.) Rose drops are a popular way to start your day and top up throughout!    


Pure natural skin cleansers


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Authentic aromas that calm these senses and naturally rich active properties that gently cleanse skin preparing it for massage also day and night skincare.  


Organic facial and body oils


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The closest thing to snapping your fingers and getting a glowing, silky-smooth, “I-just-left-my-facialist” aura are organic spa-at-home bio active resonance cold blended oils. Packed with antioxidants, skin boosting and active cleansing properties that help brighten your complexion, shrink your pores, and smoothen the appearance of fine lines.



Rhodopa body oil


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If you, too, are over-the-moon obsessed with the slip a silky body oil gives you, say hello to your skin's new favourite. This product was developed for upscale wellness and spas and has a harmonising and hydrating essential oil blend that'll make your body feel balanced and thoroughly moisturised.


Rose face, neck & décolleté serum


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A spa day isn't complete without one splurge-worthy anti-age skincare product. Indulge yourself with Natural & Deluxe 100% organic rose facial oil that will envelop your skin in a soothing caress with an intoxicating scent fields of roses. 


Rose supplements


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When wrapping up your spa day, these glow-inducing organic supplements will ensure you're beautified from the inside-out. Take individually or combine to maximise the effects of these vitamin and mineral-packed capsules, tea and kombucha every day for optimal hair, skin, and nail health.


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